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Para psychological phenomenon solved

Crisis of faith

As you have no doubt noticed, we live in strange and interesting times. On the one side we have the victorious rationalism, with its complete dependence upon the computer and its related technology, yet on the other side we have the growing popularity of esoteric knowledge, or the search for paranormal phenomenon as it's is called by the media. Our "rational thinking" culture is going through a crisis of faith and the world around us no longer seems to be the same the one, which had been explained to us by scientists for the last hundred years.

Search for the help we need

This can be clearly seen by the average person's growing lack of confidence in the specialists who are no longer able to help them cope with the growing complexity and strangeness of life. What is the meaning behind this desire we have to search unknown forces for the help we need, that have until now been very little researched by the scientific community, areas such as Bio-energy, occultism, telepathy and other secrets of our life and existence on this earth?