Kinesthetik - Hair removal (IPL+RF), photorejuvenation (Fotofacial RF) and Skin Tightening-Refirme RF (Fotofirm RF) in Brussels - Belgium

Kinesthetik, hair removal, photorejuvenation and skin tightening in Brussels

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Paramedics certificated, we are specialized for some years in the treatments of hair removal, Skin Tightening (Refirme RF) and de photo-rejuvenation.
This site will inform you about these treatments within Brussels and surroundings, their tariffs and the location of treatment realization.
In order to have an appointment, you just have to take contact with the medical center which suits you.
In case of questions, remarks, or just to have some more information, feel free to send us an email

At the moment, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the best techniques to remove the inelegant hair.
Coupled with the radiofrequency the IPL: represents a real comfort for the patient, is painless and swift results are visible
This technique is totally safe and invisible
At the moment, this technique is the sole which permits a permanent hair removal for all hair types and all skin types (except the dark black ones).

Photo-rejuvenation permits treatment of the face imperfectionsas the passing time effects.
Thanks to the IPL, sun and ageing stainsdisappear.
It also permits to get rid of the vascular lesions telles les such as angiomas, strawberry mark, telangiectasias (dilated blood vessel),…
Moreover, it gives a brighter and healthier skin.

The Skin Tightening (Refirme RF) is the non-invasive and painless solution to gradually reduce facial wrinkles, but also those of the neck,…
It is a kind of soft lifting which does not require any hospitalization or work stoppage.
This treatment is the right alternative for those who want a younger and smoother skin without any surgery

These treatments are performed by paramedics in order to control the results, make a good follow-up and give the best advice to the patients.

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