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Skin Rejuvenation by IPL = Fotofacial RF

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Skin Rejuvenation vs sun damage spots FOREHEAD before after Skin Rejuvenation vs Sun Damage spots before after Skin Rejuvenation vs Age Spots, sun damage HANDS before after Skin Rejuvenation vs Rosacea FACE before after Skin Rejuvenation vs Poikiloderma CHEST before after Skin Rejuvenation vs Dilated Vessels FACE before after Skin Rejuvenation vs Telangiectasia NOSE before after

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(Fotofacial RF)

The quick and lasting end of angioma and of the disgracious vascular and pigmented lesions, Elos cleans your skin to free the beauty which is inside of you.


E-Light, the best for facial skin cares, link :
- Versatility (accomplish different tasks),
- Technology (tested and proved clinically which gives you a rejuvenate skin)
- Reliability (given support by medical technologies),
- Security and comfort (from highest level to assure your wellness all along the treatment).

E-Light revitalize the epidermis structure by gradually fading vascular and pigmented lesions, while remodeling outlines.
It smoothes the skin of the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms, while closes dilated pores, and removes spots and discolorations.
You'll feel rejuvenated thanks to the healthy appearance of your skin.

The couperose, pigmented lesions and small wrinkles concern and preoccupy more and more men and women.
They ages and tarnishes the skin. Besides, they always appear too precocious.
Sun, hormonal modification and age are the main factors contributing to their appearance.
The need of prevention and their elimination becomes more and more exigent.
The sun exposure accentuate skin imperfection owed to the age.
Sun spots and disgracious vessels are characterized by a darker pigmentation.
Pigmented and vascular spots fade and finally disappear.
The medical device E-Light play a role in the rejuvenation process thanks to the combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies.

E-light system uses innovative techniques of which effectiveness is scientificly proved.
Couperose and pigmentation spots are gently and effectively resolved.
The treatment is also efficient on tiny spider vessels and age spots.
E-Light treatment consists of a sweeping during around thirty minutes of the whole face by combined impulsions.
Skin imperfections are eliminated and her elasticity is restored, what contributes to give a relief and a young and cool complexion to the tired faces.
This non-ablative treatment is a sweet technique which is stimulating dermal factors activating the natural collagen manufacture without harming the skin.
The rejuvenating system act on the three targets of the skin which are the pigments (melanina), water, and hemoglobina (blood).
The rejuvenating process broadly contribute to the improvement of the cosmetics aspect of the skin and the dermis quality.
It requires 5 to 7 sessions separated from 2 to 4 weeks.
When there are no immediate related effects (redness, swelling) patients can, as a rule, put their make-up on right after the treatment and return to work.

The beauty and splendor of the skin

Elos technology (combined bi-polar radiofrequency and light energies) treat superficial vascular lesions as well as pigmented lesions - Telangectasia, Rosacea, Poikiloderma, Angiomas, Erythrosis,...
A strong absorption by the different targets (hemoglobina or pigmented lesions) with a very weak absorption by neighbour area. Energies warm up selectively vessels with then trifling effects on the pigmentary.

The applicator is equiped by a cooling online which assure a maximum protection of epidermis as well as comfort for the patient. Bi-polar radiofrequency of Elos technology circulate between the two applicator electrodes giving a maximum of energy in the treated target.


The combination of energies give a total skin treatment : a reduction of the required energy while delivering efficacious results in complete safety. Experience shows that side effects are quasi nonexistent. Sometimes, a small local pinkness and a light swelling can persist some days. Most people return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment


The skin tejuvenating treatment which remove small wrinkles!

"At the end of the cure, my skin will be more elastic, smoother and won't show any imperfection!"


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does "E-Light" work ?
What zones does-it allow to treat ?
What happens during the treatment ?
What results can I hope ?

How much sessions do I need and after how long shall I see results ?
Is the treatment right for everybody ?
Who are the best candidates ?

Are there other treatments such as rubbing-outs or laser treatments which allow to acquire the same result ?
I would like to reserve a Skin Rejuvenation treatment. What is the procedure ?
What are the post-treatment cares ?
What are our prices ?

How does "E-Light" work ? FAQ

E-Light treats any imperfection of the skin effectively and gently.
The treatment applies energy impulsions (electricity, light and cold) which eliminate the most part of small vascular and pigmented lesions
It combines the technology of the next generation with comfort and effectiveness, thanks to Elos technology approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
With Elos (Electro Optical Synergy), every pulse entering into the skin during Fotofacial RF treatment is made up of 2 energies : Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and bi-polar radiofrequency (RF). Elos gives an extremely definite targeting to treat the wanted zone without hurting the skin around.
The combination of IPL, RF and certain functions of security such as the active dermal monitoring, selective treatment, and integrated cooling, guarantee you the best in term of security and comfort, as well as optimum results.

What zones does-it allow to treat ? FAQ

Face, neck, chest, hands and arms.

What happens during the treatment ? FAQ

Every session lasts about 30 minutes. Once the skin is clean, an ultrasound gel is apllied. This ultrasound gel drives energy in the skin. Pulses can sause light prickle. After the treatment, temporary pinkness in the skin lasts a very short time.
It is about a normal reaction of the skin and these will disappear in some hours. On the whole, the pigmented spot become darker and a a small rind can appear. This means that the skin is progressively evicting the pigment. It is about normal reactions which will have disappeared in a few days.

What do I feel during session? FAQ

Every pulse lasts no more than one second and create a feeling of prickle, usually, patient represent this feeling as the the snap of a rubber band on the skin. The treatment of vascular lesions can be more painful, and may cause a weak burning sensation until a few days after treatment.

What results can I hope ? FAQ

Each treatment will result in gradual lightening and improvement of pigmented and vascular imperfections. Textural improvements are appreciated towards the end of the treatment series. This treatment is progressively going to eliminate ruddy complexion of the skin. Redness and angioma will progressively disappear. Pigmented spot, age spot and sun spot will be first darker then progressively turn pale. Dilated pores will be closed. The production of collagen and elastine is stimulated by the warmth which light pulse is going to broadcast in the skin. This will have the effect of removing fine wrinkles.
After the treatment, the skin will have a smoother aspect and seem healthy and younger.

How much sessions do I need and after how long shall I see results ? FAQ

If a single session can produce amazing results, we will need it of several to lead to optimum result. During initial consultation, the practitioner will be able to assess the number of necessary sessions.
After the first treatment, the skin will be already softer in touch.
After every treatment, an improvement will be visible.
On average, 5 treatments are necessary with a space of 3-4 weeks between treatments.
On the whole, an improvement of the skin from 50 to 75 % is noticed.
We recommend to reserve a treatment of maintenance at least once every three months so that complexion, texture and general radiance of the skin remain optimum.

Is the treatment right for everybody ? FAQ

Elos is an effective treatment for most types of skin. The practitioner personalizes the treatment according to your needs.

Who are the best candidates ? FAQ

- Those who have problems of rosacea, couperose, redness, angioma, dilated vessels, premature ageing (sun damage), or those who like to give a healthier appearance to their skin.
- The persons who don't want to be subjected to radical laser treatments or chemical rubbing-out.
- But also the persons who don't want to interrupt their job on their social activities for an intervention. After treatment, most people return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment.

Sun damage

IPL FRONT avant après


IPL BAS DU VISAGE avant après


Age spots

IPL Hyperpigmentation MAIN avant après



IPL Rosacée VISAGE avant après



IPL Poikilodermie TORSE avant après


Telangiectasia, dilated vessels

IPL Télangiectasies VISAGE avant après



IPL Télangiectasies nasales avant après



Are there other treatments such as rubbing-outs or laser treatments which allow to acquire the same result ? FAQ

Laser care and rubbing-outs don't allow to treat the red spots. Also, you will never be able to attain the same result. It is on the contrary possible to combine treatments, such as Fotofirm RF (Skin Tightening, Thermage) where Elos technology combines bipolar RF and diode laser.This treatment acts exclusively on firming up and face-lift the skin, as well as on the reduction of the deep wrinkles.

Or a combination with a Megapeeling, in which the skin is first cleared out from it dead cells, by abrading it very lightly. Thanks to this light abrasion, light can penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Fotofacial RF is nevertheless the only treatment which, in a single flash, treat as well the pigmented spots and vascular lesions, dilated pores and small wrinkles.

I would like to reserve a treatment of Skin Rejuvenation. What is the procedure ? FAQ

In the course of the first session, the objective of the treatment is analysed and they we check that there is no contraindications which would prevent from beginning the treatment. Following stage is the reservation of your first treatment if it's not possible to start immediately.

What are the post-treatment cares ? FAQ

A moisturizing cream such as Biophadine or Auriderm XO must be used after session two-three times a day during two days (according to the reaction of your skin to the treatment, the practitioner will recommend you the most adapted cream). Minimal to no downtime. Making-up is allowed after session.

What are our prices ? FAQ

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Comments : all these questions-answers were developed by the business company which commercializes this system of care; they hire www.kinesthetik.com and the practitioners in no way, all these data are published as information.

To know more

If you want to know more, you can always consult the technical specifications of the device, or visit our links.
You'll find videos and links to interesting articles about the Elos technology, hair removal with combination of bi-polar radio frequency and lights energies, the skin rejuvenation (Fotofacial RF) as well as the skin tightening (Fotofirm RF - Refirme - Thermage). Most of these articles are writed in english.


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