Kinesthetik - Hair removal (IPL+RF), photorejuvenation (Fotofacial RF) and Skin Tightening-Refirme RF (Fotofirm RF) in Brussels - Belgium


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In the whole world, patients with all kind of skins are searching solutions.
They would want a smoother, brighter and healthier skin.
They deserve the best: E-light is the solution.

E-light provides innovative results in terms of:
The E-Light device is based on elōs technology, developed by Syneron.
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The E-Light device is based on Elos technology, developed by Syneron. E-Light rests on the Elos technology polyvalence and reliability, developed by Syneron. The main objective was to allow the esthetic professionals the realization of all these essential skin treatments. Indeed in the world of esthetic, E-Light permits the treatment of large cutaneous problems. Syneron is a recognized medical technology society of which the effectiveness is further proof.

The skin fortification reduces the superficial and deep wrinkles and smoothes the skin in order to have a younger and healthier appearance.
The skin rejuvenation revitalizes the epidermal structure by reducing the unsightly vascular and pigmented lesions, while remodeling the contours.
E-Light firms up the skin of the face, chest, hands and other body areas by rubbing out dilated pores, marks and fading's. You will feel revived thanks to the bright and healthy appearance of your skin.
The permanent hair removal , eliminates hair of every color and of all skin types, even tanned (although for best results we advise the client against sun exposure 3 weeks before and after a session). Contrary to other treatments, E-light does not rest on the traditional technique of the hair chromophores.

E-Light and the Elôs revolutionary technique

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is the innovative technology that allows the E-Light system to perform a wide range of skin applications.
Elôs (Electro Optical Synergy) is a unique combination of two leading-edge technologies: the bipolar radiofrequency and the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). The synergy of these two energy sources gives rise to an exceptional result.

E-light penetrates deeply into the skin to increase the treatment effectiveness.

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The different existing applicators permit to focus the Elôs energy on the treatment area.

- Firming applicator
for the skin invigorating; focuses the radiofrequency on the deepest skin layers. By heating the tissues, it stimulates the cells responsible for collagen and elastin restructuring. It smoothes superficial and deep wrinkles while improving the overall elasticity of the skin.
- Depilatory applicator
for the hair removal; heats and precisely damages the hair follicle. The radiofrequency encircles and heats the hair follicle in order to eliminate the root and not only the stem (which is destroyed by the IPL).
- Skin care applicator
for the skin rejuvenation; the selective light energy is absorbed by vascular and pigmented lesions in order to close and ease them.

Security and comfort

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Syneron, a medical technology society well known, developed the E-light device which is based on the client's security and comfort.
The fusion of IPL, radiofrequency and other security functions as 1/ the continuous taking skin's temperature (Active Dermal Monitoring), 2/ the selective treatment and 3/ the integrated cooling can guarantee you the best security and comfort and of course optimal results.

Low consumption, IPL and radiofrequency energies are combined in order to decrease optical energy (till 60% less than the competing products). E-light is one of the safer and more effective device on the esthetical market.

Selective targeting, the device applicator treats only the concerned area without touching the nearest skin. You feel comfortable during and after the treatment.

Active Dermal Monitoring, this is a Syneron patented function which controls the skin temperature changing during the treatment in order to insure the client security and comfort.

Cooling by contact, system which attends to the patient's comfort.

Moreover, E-light was conceived by medical experts and meets the reliability standard requirements.


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