Kinesthetik - Hair removal (IPL+RF), photorejuvenation (Fotofacial RF) and Skin Tightening-Refirme RF (Fotofirm RF) in Brussels - Belgium

Hair Removal

Hair Removal in short :

Technology :

Number of sessions
6 to 8 (sometimes more)
1 session/month (sometimes 1session/2months)

Feeling :
slapping of a rubber band on the skin

Recommendations :
- no sun exposure (UV) 3 weeks before and after each session
- no depilation (plier, waxing,...) 3 weeks before each session

Against-indications :
- Teenager less than 16 year,
- Pregnant woman,
- Taking photosensitive medicine,
- ...

Post-treatment cares :
Biophadine (2 to 3 times by day, during 2 days).
Flamigel (in case of strong reaction, until symptoms disappeared).

Thanks to the association IPL – radiofrequency, a secure permanent hair removal of all types of hair (white, grey, blond and red) for all type of skin (included the matt ones) is now possible.

The number of session depends on:
the color and type of hair
the color and type of skin
the area to treat
On average, a hair removal is made up 6 to 8 sessions. But for example, the blond hairs require more sessions than the dark ones.

For men, hairs of chest, back, face and other ones which are due to a hormonal reason require more or less 8 sessions, or even more.

How does E-Light work ? Does E-Light treat all kind of hairs and skins ? Is E-Light a permanent hair removal system ? What is the difference between the E-Light system and the electrolysis? What are the areas treated by E-Light ? ------ PICTURES ------ How many sessions are needed? Who can be having this treatment ? Is there some side effects ? Is there some contraindications ? Is the E-light treatment painful ? What are the instructions to be respected before the treatment ? What are the results ? What are the post-treatment cares ? More... What are the tariffs ?

Rem: all these informations are provided by the firm which commercialize this care system; they are not engaging responsability, and are provided for information only.

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